The Confident Hormone Club

Taking you from confusion to clarity in your health.

Our EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSHIP for women who want to put their future first and become a good steward of their health. 

The Confident Hormone Club - is the next step to advance your health.

The Confident Hormone Club

The Confident Hormone Club is a membership program that is a database and support system, with direction from a naturopathic doctor so you can learn how to make better care for your health and get the most out of your 1:1 consults. 

Understand what your symptoms mean. Get access to a robust resource platform, with past recordings and modules, done for you research and cheat sheets on treatment options and tools to support different common health complaints, to learn how to make the next best step for your health care. 

Buying a membership is the greatest value for connecting with your health. 

  1. It’s more affordable than learning all this in a 1:1 consult with your naturopathic doctor. You’ll need fewer consults and be able to maximize your time spent with them. 
  2. You’ll better understand your treatment options from your naturopathic doctor and family doctor. 
  3. You’ll have a message-based check-in with our naturopathic doctors upon completing our assessment questionnaires, and a community for accountability and inspiration to enjoy making healthy lifestyle choices. 

In our opinion, the health care system is broken. 

In our opinion, the health and wellness industry lacks clarity. 

In our opinion, you deserve better. 

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your periods are irregular, non-existent or difficult to track
  • You have painful periods, heavy periods, or cyclical acne, that you just can’t escape
  • Your family doctor has diagnosed you with PCOS or found cysts on your ovaries but you’re confused as to what that means or what to do about it
  • You’ve been feeling sluggish, anxiety, and fatigued and not yourself
  • You want to lose weight and feel like you’ve tried everything, but aren’t seeing results?
  • You are on the birth control pill, but weary of it and want to know how and when to come off and what to use in its place?
  • You’re ready to take charge of your hormonal health and feel empowered in your healthcare journey

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve been adjusting how you’re eating but you still feel bloating or discomfort after meals? 

Your doctor has told you have IBS, but you have no idea what to do about it – or – put you on the FODMAP diet, but it hasn’t helped that much?

You want to set a good example for your kids, of how to take care of your physical and mental health

You know you have more to learn when it comes to how food impacts your health

You’ve bought multiple supplements before, but forget to take them most of the time, and are not sure what to expect from them

You’ve been DIY’ing it and following Instagram and tiktok trends for health, but feel overwhelmed about all the information out there

Nice happy fit woman eating healthy food

That's why we do things differently.

Excel in your health without....

Gain confidence in your health and hormones

Monthly Health Course Delivered Live

*you can’t opt out of courses, but can do a deep dive on the topics of interest to you, and pass on the others you don’t have time for

Monthly Q&A Hours with a Naturopathic Doctor

*get clarification on what you learn on a health topic, and direction for your advocacy, but our program does not form a doctor-patient relationship. 

On-Demand Recordings of Courses

*can’t make the live teaching of the health topic? catch up later with access to recordings, as long as you are a member.

Downloads of Workbooks & Cheatsheets

*invaluable cheat sheets and support for you to bring to your healthcare providers, to help you navigate your health needs and options.

We are an empowerment hub for women's health.

I want you to:

  • stop feeling overwhelmed in your health!
  • feel like a more confident version of yourself
  • wake up feeling refreshed every morning
  • know how to best to support your body, so you can be your best health advocate

I CAN GET YOU THERE, by walking you through this educational process over the next year!

YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF to be doing your best work!

This is what the CONFIDENT HORMONE CLUB is all about!

What You’ll Learn

+ more!
New Topics, Intensives and Updates are Added Throughout The Year.

1. Period health, Period Pain and Heavy Bleeding: understanding PMS, Adenomyosis, Endometriosis and period pain treatment options, and testing to consider. 

2. PCOS and Period Regularity: understanding the cause, tracking our hormones, lab tests to get done, and treatment tools and options for support for associated symptoms

3. Nutrition Foundations and Blood Sugar Regulation, eating to improve insulin sensitivity, metabolism and energy, nutrition and weight management

4. Digestive Health Foundations, naturopathic tools and approaches to Acid Reflux,and Bloating, understanding how digestive upset arises

5. Perimenopause and hormone fluctuations, what is normal during this phase of life and tools to reduce your symptom

5. Stress Resilience, Burnout and Recovering Mitochondrial Health, supporting your body in periods of high demand or recovery from trauma or high stress.

6. Hair Loss – understanding methods of hair loss, internal support and topical treatment options, when it’s your hormones vs. your immune system

7. Anxiety, Depression and Mental health, understanding the biochemical nature of anxiety, how the gut-brain connection plays a role, where and when to reach for natural treatments, and the naturopathic approach to mental health

8. Metabolic Hormone Health, treating a sluggish thyroid and hashimoto’s thyroiditis to improve your metabolism

9. Skin health, acne, eczema and dermatitis – understanding the cause and treatment options, to healing and healthy skin, from retinoids and topical serums and needling, to internal work to support building healthy skin

10. And many more monthly topics and health intensives

Meet Your Facilitator:
Dr. Kaylee Alton, ND

Lead Clinician, and founder of Make Care Health

Dr. Kaylee Alton, ND is a naturopathic doctor, helping high achieving women overcome their symptoms, gain confidence in their health, so they can use it to reach their full potential. Dr. Kaylee is registered and in good standing with the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Ontario, the Canadian, Yukon and Ontario Association of Naturopathic doctors (CAND, YAND and the OAND).

Equipped with expert digestive and hormone detective skills, Dr. Kaylee helps women feel at ease in their gut health, and understand (and fall in love with) their hormones and bodies. She has advanced training in chronic, complex digestive health and hormones, period problems, vaginal issues, period pain, PCOS, per-menopause, and bioidentical hormone therapy.

What You'll Get in the Confident Hormone Club:

We meet every other Thursday, 12-1pm EST
Virtually, monthly

With, in-person workshops and land based experiences, throughout the year

Get on the Waitlist

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Gain confidence in your health and hormones

You’ll also get Confident Hormone Intensives

The Confident Hormone Intensives are deep dives on health and lifestyle topics that matter to you. We’ve designed our intensives to feel like a “treatment in a box” style learning, that you can insert into your life right away. Intensives are focused on 1 topic and members get access to 1 intensive per 6 months, as part of their membership.

Intensive #1: FALL 2024: Digest Your Best – overcoming IBS, SIBO and Constipation

Intensive #2  WINTER 2024: Preparing for Pregnancy and Fertility Intensive: Understanding Fertility Treatment and Stages

BONUS: We are offering founding member pricing to the first cohort who joins. We are building something exciting, that’s not perfect, and want to extend our thanks for helping us create a great resource for women.  

BONUS 2: Receive 15% off supplement select brands, bought through the clinic (shipped directly to you).

Your health is your greatest asset.
Learn how to steward it well.

You can’t just join at anytime. 

Stay tuned for when we open our doors. 

My family doctor kept telling me my bloodwork was fine and normal, and that I was fine. It was all in my head or stress. And yet, I knew something was up. I am SO glad I signed up for the Confident Hormone Club, not only did it point me in the right direction of what other healthcare providers to seek out, but in what order, what tests to get done, and how I could start gathering data about my health on my own at home, to help move my case forward. It was so empowering to understand a complimentary way to address my health that truly got to the root cause.

Kimberly T., Teacher, Vaughan, Ontario

So, so insightful! I just want to learn everything about digestion. I really liked the discussion about your gut affects essentially everything and how certain nutrients and food can have different impacts. I really liked the diagrams and the explanation of what causes “leaky gut” and how to fix it. That was all new for me so it was great to understand how my internal body works and it was the perfect amount of technical information (to make it feel valuable and full of new perspectives) and accessible!

Sarah. A., Operations Coordinator, New York City

I had reservations about whether a naturopathic route could help me with my health concerns, but saw results from following treatment direction, as I was able to get my periods back to being regular, and conceived my first child! I appreciate the better balance I feel in my health, and the support from the group only keeps me motivated to continue to make time for healthy lifestyle decisions, from what I’ll eat for breakfast or dinner, or what different meditations to try, and where to find other referrals for massage or osteopathy that resonated well with people from the group.

— Carly K., Ottawa, Ontario


For all women who want the research gathered and delivered in one place, on specific health topics, or to better understand naturopathic medicine and who want guidance as they navigate the healthcare system and make lifestyle changes at home.

Your direction and answers to your health questions will be limited to generalized education and cannot be given dosages or direct 1:1 care, as this is not a health consult.
Once you’re a member of the group you are locked in at very low price for ALL OF the content. You can’t skip a month of your membership, but you’re welcome to skip a month of calls (although we don’t recommend it). Embedded in each call and topic are SKILL and INSIGHTS on how to better understand your body and ways to maintain your health. You may not have period pain or peri-menopause symptoms, but you’ll be better informed for health through the decades and be a part of an intergenerational support system.
Yes. Learning these fundamentals of how your body works, will help you with any effort to improve your overall health.
No, however, if you have a Health Spending Account, HSA, the invoice may be covered under that type of insurance plan.
No, booking a consult is not required.

We are looking at what can best suit our members base. Please let us know 2-3 times of day that work better for you and we will consider those for this cohort if enough people are interested.

No – but we strongly encourage you to! This is a commitment to yourself, to learn the up to date research on how to support each system of your body, with pre-scheduled times we hope you block out in your calendar in advance. We will send you monthly emails at the beginning of the month, for either the coaching calls or open office hours, and again the day of.

Classes will be recorded and uploaded to the membership platform a week later.

No. This program is non-refundable and non-transferrable. You lock in for a low price on your membership and get an intensive course included for your commitment. You are absolutely welcome to not renew at the end of your membership term.
You have access to the recordings and materials, only during your membership. You do not have to get through all of it, but are welcome to start learning at the pace you can handle, and showing up to class is the best way to get a first pass at the information. Everyone is at different competencies in their health understanding, and may not get through the material in their first membership term. We aim to be a supportive community, resource and first step insight to what is available to you in the world of health. You can always renew your membership, to continue learning from the content, even as we add more.

Ready to take ownership of your health and be empowered in your healthcare journey?

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