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You've Been Told You're Fine, But You Don't Feel Fine

Your family doctor runs your bloodwork and tells you that everything is fine, or gives you a prescription for medication that you take, but you still don’t feel fine.


We Give You Time and Objectivity to Help You Achieve Results

We put in 4-5 hrs, effort, interest and curiosity with each patient, to get you to a point of understanding what is happening in your body, what treatment tools will best support you, and  provide the accountability to follow you through to results.


You Can’t Figure Out the Cause

You can’t seem to pin-point what foods may be the trigger to your digestive symptoms, or you’ve been prescribed a medication that you are not comfortable taking longterm or you are on it and you still don’t feel 100% better. Our conventional healthcare system is built to help us acutely with our health, but doesn’t always take the steps to investigate or help us get to  feeling our best. 


We Provide In-Depth Assessments and Testing

Together we will hear your health story, give you an objective lens to work up your medical case, and make connections on why you are experiencing your health the way you are. We use functional lab testing for greater insights and treat from multiple angles to support your physiology from a holistic perspective, to function optimally again. 


You're Feeling Stuck on How to Make Change

You have been diagnosed with a health condition or syndrome and have been prescribed a medication or told what not to eat but don’t know how to move forward. You know to get healthier you want to eat better and move your body more, but need a path forward.


We Provide an Individualized Strategy and Follow You Through to Results

We will offer treatment tools and strategies and make sure you are on board with making the necessary changes, step by step. We provide understanding to help drive action. 

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Hormone changes are going to happen.

You don't have to suffer through them.

What stage of life can we help you in?

Reproductive Years

For ages 20-45. At this stage we commonly help with :

Perimenopause Years

For those who notice periods are changing, but who have not yet gone 1 year without a period. At this stage we commonly help with:

Digestive Health

Digestive upset doesn't have to be your norm. At this stage we commonly help with:

  • Constipation or Diarrhea
  • Acid-Reflux or Recurring Nausea
  • Gallbladder health
  • Support after gallbladder removal
  • Crohns or Colitis
  • Mold or Mycotoxicity
  • Chronic Sinusitis
  • Eosinophilic Esophagitis
  • Anxiety
  • Mild to Moderate Depression
  • Stress Management
  • TBI and Brain Injury Recovery

We can help improve your health.

If you are ready to explore over 6-12 months, how to get your health back, then you are in the right place

Hi, I'm Dr. Kaylee

I’m a Naturopathic Doctor, Hormone Replacement Certified practitioner, and founder of the Confident Hormone Club. 

As a leader in digestive and women’s hormone health, I provide a naturopathic medical workup, treatment and strategy – so you can learn, look and feel your best. 

I started my practice in Ontario and have since expanded to serve the Yukon.  I offer virtual consults, with select days for in-person physical exams or group workshops. 

I’ve been supporting patients since 2012, and am honoured to do so.

I look forward to meeting with you.




For those willing to put their health and wellness for the future, first. 

Choose your timezone, then select your appointment type and fill out our new patient application.

Our team will review your application, and if you are a good fit for our expertise, we’ll confirm your appointment via email.

Your 1st consult will consist of a health interview, assessment and beginning steps of your treatment plan.


Get Lab Testing, A Treatment Plan & Strategy

For those ready to invest in 6-12 months into an individualized treatment plan for a comprehensive health overview.

Your 2nd and 3rd consult will be booked roughly 1 month apart, to finalize your health assessment and understanding of how to succeed in your care plan. 

You’ll be provided with indicated lab testing to identify gaps in your health, and refine your treatment plan from your results in your 3rd consult. 



For those who know they are responsible for their health, and want to learn how to be their own best advocate. 

Join our annual membership with monthly live coaching calls, to make learning about your health exciting and inspiring. 

Move through nutrition & lifestyle challenges together, get resources to further your understanding of your treatment plan, and what is available to you when it comes to your health. 

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in the Yukon or Ontario

Over the last 10+ years I have helped hundreds of patients overcome confusion and exhaustion in their bodies, recover from symptoms and more importantly, have their health when they need it most. There is a method to how your body heals and it all begins with a foundation of good gut and hormone health. 

I enjoy helping patients learn how their body works and I like to have fun while I do it.

All you need is the right partnership to get started on your journey back to a more vibrant, energized you!

~ Dr. Kaylee Alton, ND

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