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Payment and Insurance Information

Payment methods accepted, cancellation policy

Our clinic uses a secure electronic medical record system called CHARM, that will be how you communicate with your doctor, get your visit summary, get your handouts and lab results. Our doctors will email you from [email protected] so be sure to white-label these in your gmail inbox, or mark these as acceptable your inbox to prevent them from going to junk-mail.

Payment methods accepted: Mastercard or Visa. We do not accept Amex or Discovery. 

For all consultations a 48-hour cancellation notice applies, else a no-show fee will be charged.

Payment Information

Invoices will be delineated with naturopathic consult fees and lab test fees, for you to submit to your insurance provider once payment is complete.
For those who need (or want) functional laboratory testing (urine, breath, blood, spit, stool kits or genetic reports), they are available at an additional cost, which will be laid out to you at your initial consult. Read more about these additional lab tests here.
  • Lab testing may or may not be covered by your benefit plan. Call your insurance company to learn more about what they cover. 

Not sure about your Insurance?

We do NOT do direct billing, but can help guide you as you submit your invoice to your insurance provider. Always submit your itemized invoice (with $0 balance), not your receipt, to your insurance provider. After you make a payment in CHARM, our office administrator will push you the paid off, $0 balance, invoice for you to download. Keep the receipt of payment, lump sum, for your own records or medical taxes. (Your invoice and receipt are separate .pdf’s that you download in the billing section of CHARM). 
For people with extended health-care benefits that cover paramedical services (naturopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine, massage therapy, acupuncture, osteopathy, psychotherapy, etc) to learn what your policy will cover when you submit your own invoice you can call your insurance provider and ask them the following questions:
  1. What is your coverage for naturopathic medicine, per benefit year?
  2. What is the max reasonable charge for your naturopathic coverage (initial visit vs. follow-up consults, diagnostic lab tests).
  3. When does my benefit year renew?
  4. What is my predetermination coverage for insurance codes:
    1. 2.ZZ.0 – Initial visit assessment (examination or consultation).
    2. 2.xx.0 – Diagnostic tests (lab tests)
    3. A91x – Supplements (e.g. Vitamins, minerals, natural remedies)
    4. 1.ZZ.1 – Treatment / Intervention/ Follow-up Consults

Insurance Companies

  • BPA – Benefit Plan Administrators 1-800-867-5615
  • Canada Life 1-800-957-9777
  • Canadian Construction Workers Union 416-240-0047
  • Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance 1-800-665-3365
  • CINUP 1-800-665-1234
  • ClaimSecure 1-888-513-4464
  • Cowan 1-888-509-7797
  • Desjardins Insurance 1-800-463-7843
  • First Canadian 1-866-212-5644
  • GMS Carrier 49 1-800-667-3699
  • GMS Carrier 50 1-800-667-3699
  • GroupHEALTH 1-833-344-6944
  • GroupSource 1-888-547-6947
  • Industrial Alliance 1-877-422-6487
  • Johnson Inc. 1-866-773-5467
  • Johnston Group Inc. 1-800-893-7587
  • LiUNA Local 183 416-240-2103
  • LiUNA Local 506 416-506-8841
  • Manion 1-866-532-8999
  • Manulife Financial 1-866-407-7878
  • Maximum Benefit 1-800-893-7587
  • Sun Life Financial 1-855-301-4786
  • TELUS AdjudiCare 1-877-944-7100
If you have an HSA plan, you can submit your receipts for coverage.

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