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Clinic Fees and Policies

We run a primarily virtual practice, however, Dr. Kaylee will do in-person physical exams and workshops on select days of the month. Stay on the email list to learn more about when we are offering these clinic days.

1st & 2nd consult for assessment, treatment plan and strategy, $300 + $300

We treat patients virtually via Zoom telehealth, in the Yukon and Ontario. Your first 2 consults, will be booked roughly 1 month apart and will consist of a verbal intake to gather information for your medical work-up, lab testing, begin your treatment plan and give you a strategy to get results. 

We offer questionnaires to help clarify your consult to make the most of your time with your doctor, and ask that you fill them out the Sunday night prior to your consult that week. 

Subsequent visits, follow-up consults, up to 30-45-60min, video,  $175 - $225 - $300

Book ongoing consults for refinement of your treatment plan, lab testing, or symptom monitoring, and accountability. You must fill out your consult clarifying questionnaire, by the Sunday night prior to your consult that week. Follow-up consult fees are typically $175, but may vary depending on the work your case needs, $225-$300. 

The average cost to get everything sorted out within the first year of treatment starts at $2000, plus the cost of supplements and food changes.

Most patients will have to pay out of pocket for whatever their benefits do not cover. 

Most benefit packages cover Naturopathic Services, to a certain extent. Usually $500. Your coverage will depend on your specific plan. We keep an active credit card on file, securely tokenized in our medical record system, to expedite the administrative process. 

We have a 2-business day cancellation policy, else the full cost of the consult if we don’t hear from you. 

Payments for Naturopathic Services or lab testing are NOT covered by the government. Naturopathic expenses may be tax deductible, and there are several private health insurance plans who provide partial coverage for naturopathic services. Make Care Health is NOT responsible for your insurance claims or reimbursement. 

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